13 States Set to Increase Minimum Wage at the Begining of the Year

WDTV - Minimum wage workers in a handful of states will be ringing in the new year with an automatic pay raise. It is a trend that reflects growing concerns about the spread of low wage jobs here and across the U.S. Read

Of the 13 states making the move to increase the minimum wage, our state isn't one of them, which not only has a lot of residents concerned but financial experts as well.

At the first of the year, state minimum wages will be higher than the federal requirement of $7.25 an hour in 21 states, and that's up from 18 just two years ago.

According to members of congress, this legislative movement has been fueled by this years walkouts in at least 100 cities by fast food workers calling for $15 dollars per hour pay, and the right to form unions.

In our state, financial experts say that legislation has been introduced several times to increase minimum wage, but a decision is still hanging in the balance.

Officials from the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy believe a move like this would only boost economic security across the Mountain State.

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