After Delays, WV Senate Advances Prevailing Wage; Vote Expected Soon

The State Journal - A bill that would repeal the prevailing wage was advanced to a third reading with the right to make amendments in the West Virginia Senate Feb. 11. Read

Senators said they wanted to reach a compromise before passing the legislation, which would eliminate prevailing hourly wage requirements for the construction of pubic improvement projects.

"We've been working on some provisions of the bill we can get some agreement to," Hall said. "We're trying to fix the issue of whether it's falsely inflated or not."

Sen. Daniel Hall, R-Wyoming, said prevailing wage is about being smart with the state's money.

"We are working on those issues, and I would think we'll be ready by tomorrow for a vote," he added. "We can always lay it over another day if we need to."

Previously, and when the bill was first introduced, several groups stood against the measure. A policy analyst group, West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, released a study as to why repealing the law would be a bad idea.

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