Budget Beat - July 11, 2014

Here's Why You Want to Be a Part of This Month's Our Children Our Future Policy Workshops

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1. This cool three-minute video. Check it out, you'll feel inspired.

2. You care about the future of West Virginia.

And part of that means taking care of the state's workers. We can do a better job at that by passing legislation to create a paid sick days and family leave policy. This is good for workers and their employers.

We can also help those same workers prepare for retirement with Voluntary Retirement Accounts (VERA).

Lack of retirement assets is one of the leading causes of poverty among the elderly. Learn more about how Voluntary Retirement Accounts can prevent this on July 22 at the Northern Regional Workshop, Gaston Caperton Center, Clarksburg, WV.

Every day workers are faced with the impossible choice of going to work sick or staying home, losing pay and risking job loss. Just three and a half days of missed work because of illness is equivalent to an entire month's groceries for the average family. Find out how we can make paid sick days and family leave the law in West Virginia on July 24 at the Central Regional Workshop, St. Timothy in the Valley, Hurricane, WV.

There is a wide variety of workshops taking place not only in Clarksburg and Hurricane but also in Lewisburg and Martinsburg.

Help bring an end to child poverty in West Virginia. Need more reasons? Check out this week's editorial in the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram.

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