Budget Cuts Not Necessarily Permanent, State Revenue Secretary Says

Charleston Gazette - In the midst of three straight years of dwindling tax revenues and budget cuts, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's revenue secretary said Wednesday morning that those cuts should not necessarily be seen as permanent. Read

Bob Kiss said that the projected cuts in next year's budget, to things like higher education, primary care, free clinics and domestic violence programs, are a necessary result of correcting for the fiscal profligacy of years past.

"We live day to day with the consequences of actions we take today or don't take today," Kiss said at an event to discuss the state budget, sponsored by the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. "We have to bring the budget back into balance and the only way we can do that is with more revenues or with cuts, and if we leave here 30 days from now and have done neither, then at the end of the day we've kicked the can down the road."

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