Businesses Mum on New Overtime Rules

Beckley Register-Herald - Come December, an estimated 66,000 West Virginians could see a bump in their paychecks when new overtime rules go into effect, allowing more low-level managers and educators to collect pay for working more than 40 hours a week. Read

The new rules increase the yearly salary threshold which generally determines which employees qualify for overtime pay after working 40 hours a week and are expected to have a sweeping effect on a number of workers in the retail, fast-food, higher education and nonfor-profit sectors.

The threshold will double to $47,476 annually from the current $23,660, the White House said last week. In other words, employees making $47,476 or less annually will be eligible for overtime pay, usually time and a half.

Sean O'Leary with the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy said the new rules will affect West Virginia workers the most. The Mountain State has the largest share of salaried workers, nearly 31 percent, who will directly benefit from the increased threshold.

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