Candidates for 14th Senate Seat Offer Different Visions for State's Future

Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram - Deep in Mountaineer Country, the two major party candidates for the highly competitive 14th State Senatorial District, largely in Preston County, are battling over the question of how to move West Virginia forward at a time when coal seems to be dying. Read

While incumbent Democrat Bob Williams is calling for a diversification of the state's economy, Republican Randy Smith appears to have staked West Virginia's future on a renewal of coal and other fossil fuel energy sources. As of Sept. 30, the majority of Smith's campaign contributions come from out-of-state, coal-related companies, while the bulk of Williams' war chest comes from union-supported PACs.

"Relying solely on energy is what got us in this budget mess," Williams said. "Tourism is an area we have a great opportunity to expand. Continuing to rely simply on energy would be a big mistake."

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