Center Criticizes Tax Cuts

Wheeling Intelligencer - Bad legislators, the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy chided a few days ago. Read

Why, there wouldn't have been a state budget crisis had lawmakers during a period of several years not made the horrible mistake the center cited:

Cutting taxes.

Heck, if lawmakers starting about a decade ago hadn't done frivolous things such as eliminating the sales tax on food, they and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin wouldn't be worrying about how to balance a budget for next year with a $460 million hole in it, the center notes.

They could be spending $5 billion a year rather than the less than $4 billion expected.

I am not making this up. The center, an obviously liberal-leaning outfit, blames West Virginia's current budget woes on state officials who actually thought they should take as little as possible out of our pockets. Horrors!

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