Fight Looms in W.Va. over Prevailing Wage Repeal

Charleston Gazette - Nearly 100 people, including dozens of union workers, packed a committee room Thursday as the state Senate began an effort to repeal West Virginia's prevailing wage law, only to see the repeal abruptly dropped from the committee agenda, pushed back to next week. Read

The prevailing wage law requires that state-funded construction projects pay a minimum hourly wage similar to rates paid by the private sector for similar work.

Repealing or changing the law has long been a priority of Republicans, who this year regained control of the Legislature for the first time in more than eight decades.

The bill (SB 361) that was to be discussed Thursday in the Senate Committee on Government Organization is very simple and only one page long. It would repeal all of section 21-5a of state code, the prevailing wage law.

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