Gazette Editorial: A Tax Break for Low-Income Working West Virginians?

Charleston Gazette-Mail - One way West Virginia could put more money in the hands of residents who need it most is a state Earned Income Tax Credit. The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy has a clever new tool for local communities — and their legislative representatives — to see how such an investment would reverberate through their local economies. Read

Have a look at and evaluate it yourself.

Statewide, the center estimates that 141,176 low-income households would benefit from such a credit. It would touch almost 163,000 children — more than half of the state's child population.

The average income boost to working people would be $332 a year. That would add up to another $46.9 million in the pockets of West Virginians to be spent on housing, utilities, food, clothing themselves and their children.

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