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More Budget Cuts Coming for West Virginia

On the heels of another lackluster revenue report, word of a mid-year budget cut has leaked, as Governor Tomblin issued an executive order calling on state agencies to cut an additional $33 million from their FY 2014 budgets. Budget cuts have become a common occurrence in West Virginia, as last year saw a $28 million mid-year cut, while FY 2014 started off with a $75 million cut, with West Virginia now one of the few states seeing such budget problems.

Dave Boucher’s article in the Daily Mail lists the cuts ordered by the governor. I’ve put them in a table alongside the cuts with which West Virginia started its fiscal year, to show the total effect of the budget cuts. Pending further budget adjustments, the FY 2014 budget will have been cut by $108 million, with over half of the cuts coming from higher education and DHHR.

budget cuts

The cuts to higher education have already had a negative effect on the state. Without raising additional revenue, West Virginia will continue to face more budget cuts, and be unable to make the investments needed for the state to prosper.

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