One Percent Sales Tax Increase Could Fix State Roads

WDTV - Many of you tell us over and over again you're upset with some of the road conditions in our state. Read/Watch

Now lawmakers are working to try to get those roads fixed, but it could come at the expense of higher sales taxes.

One of the pieces of Senate Bill 555 would increase our state's sales tax from six to seven percent. Now a whole percent may not seem like much on a regular spending day, but it could be costly on larger, more expensive things.

"Roads right now are on a 33-year paving cycle," said Senator Robert Plymale. "To really be halfway efficient, we need to be down to a 12-year paving cycle."

Senator Plymale also explained what kind of treatment the roads actually need.

"Paving with thinner asphalt and thinner layers, and we need to be doing thicker layers that will last longer," Senator Plymale added.

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