Invest in West Virginia Families

A West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) would help people who work at low-wage jobs help make ends meet, all while reducing poverty, increasing tax fairness, and boosting local West Virginia economies. Twenty-six other states already have this tax credit that can only be claimed by people who pay taxes and work low-wage jobs. Over 141,000 working West Virginia families and 160,000 West Virginia children would benefit.

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Our Children Our Future

Our Children Our Future is leading a group of West Virginians – policy advocates, service providers, religious leaders, parents, labor and business leaders – to take action to fight child poverty. Through community meetings, a 450-person legislative action day, regional forums around the state to educate communities and lawmakers. Child poverty is a big problem and OCOF plans to build the political will so that it is not an inevitable one. Follow on Facebook and Twitter

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Race Matters West Virginia

Race Mattes West Virginia is dedicated to reducing racial inequality in West Virginia. Its three primary vehicles are:

  • Promoting dialogue between citizens that enables them to identify and understand their privileges and biases.
  • Developing policies that promote equality and eliminate individual and structural racism.
  • Networking and supporting actions to bring concrete changes to institutions, organizations and communities.

Race Matters West Virginia is committed to bringing an awareness of race matters to our own thinking and everything we do as part of our lives and work. Follow on Facebook and Twitter



State Priorities Partnership

The fight for a just and equitable America is under way in the states, and the State Priorities Partnership – a network of more than 40 independent, nonprofit research and policy organizations – is leading the way.

Every day, state governments raise and spend tax revenue in ways that profoundly affect families and communities. Choices states make about investing in schools, health care, child care, and other services can either help create opportunity and prosperity for people or hold them back.

Reducing inequality and fighting poverty by making sure states have the resources they need through an accountable budget process is what the State Priorities Partnership is all about.

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