Preparing for the Budget Shortfall: What Type of Tax is Best?

WDTV - The impending state budget shortfall has the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy drumming up solutions to keep us afloat. But which tax options do you think outweigh others and what areas should definitely not see budget cuts? Read/Listen

The center has suggested different tax options for coming up with revenue and has ideas about what should be protected from cuts, like higher education. In Lewis County, unsurprisingly many of you don't like the idea of any taxes at all, but you do have preferences with them.

Senior Policy Analyst Sean O'Leary says everyone is affected by the state budget every day. It pays for roads, schools, services, and when it comes to cuts nothing is safe. Some of the revenue options the center suggests go back to a sales tax on telecommunication devices or a tobacco tax. Or what about a soda tax, a sales tax on digital downloads, or a higher natural gas severance tax?

They want to raise money to avoid cuts, especially more to higher education.

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