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2017 Budget Breakfast – February 23!

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Panelists include:

  • Senate Finance Committee Chair Mike Hall
  • Nick Casey, Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Justice
  • Delegate Matt Rohrbach

Sponsorships available and all come with tickets to the event.


2 Responses to “2017 Budget Breakfast – February 23!”

  1. stephenwv says:

    Right about the time the legislature majority turned from Democrat to Republican, Governor Tomblin’s State Budget Office suddenly reduced the reported State spending from about $24 Billion to $16 Billion. How did the governor’s State Budget Office hide $8 billion in state spending? This smells like an effort to prevent just a 10% cut in that likely unnecessary spending to eliminate the $800 million budget we now have and not need any tax increase.

    All state budget officers report state spending to National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO). How and why did the State Budget officials suddenly report only $16 billion in state spending down from what had always been around $24 billion? What happened to the other $8 billion? The state did not suddenly stop spending $8 billion per year! Are they trying to hide $8 billion in unnecessary spending from the Legislature and the public where by only a 10% reduction would totally cover this years $800 million budget deficit? See the reports archived here for all states.

    • Sean O'Leary Sean O'Leary says:

      The state budget, as appropriated by the legislature, totals $12-$13 billion in recent years. In FY17 its breakdown was General Revenue $4.2 billion, Lottery $420 million, Road Fund $1.3 billion, Special Revenue $2.0 billion, and Federal $4.8 billion. That is what is in the budget bill, and has to be voted on and appropriated every year. Previous NASBO reports also included Nonappropriated Special Revenue Funds, but no longer do so. The difference is that Nonappropriated special revenue funds are not line items in the budget bill and do not have to be appropriated and voted on every year. Instead, their spending authority comes from established code and special language in the budget bill, but not a particular line item.

      The Nonappropriated special revenue amounts are still included in the Executive Budget, so you can still see how much is spent and where, but are not technically part of the budget. I’m assuming that’s why they aren’t included in the NASBO reports.

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