SGA Opposes State Cuts to Higher Education

Daily Athenaeum - With state budget cuts looming, the West Virginia University Student Government Association took the opportunity to condemn state budget cuts to higher education. Read

Members of SGA will take a resolution opposing these cuts, passed unanimously Wednesday, to WVU's day at the Capitol on Friday, where students will use it to hopefully sway state legislators against supporting or approving budget cuts will ultimately raising tuition for institutions of higher education in West Virginia.

"Taking this to Charleston on Friday is going to let legislators know we're weighing in on a very important issue that affect students," said Governor Blake Humphrey. "(The) student voice obviously is going to be so critical and so important. If legislators can see firsthand the product of higher education and the people higher education has produced, then I think they're definitely going to take this into consideration."

In the last four years, West Virginia state funding for higher education has been cut four times, according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released last year.

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