Shale's Boom and Bust: Ohio Could Take a Page from Its Neighbors

WCSM Radio - Ohio gets poor grades for its response to the boom in shale gas drilling, but a pair of new reports could help communities prepare for the future. Read

The Multi-State Shale Research Collaborative - a partnership between Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia - has issued a report card on shale gas policies and a guide to help local governments facing gas drilling. Amanda Woodrum, a researcher for Policy Matters Ohio, said Ohio has much to learn from its neighboring states.

"Ohio can look to West Virginia for responsible tax policy needed to both ameliorate the boom-and-bust cycle as well as mitigate the negative impact from shale development," she said.

On the report card, Ohio received a D grade for its estimation of shale employment and an F for tracking the health effects of drilling. However, Woodrum noted that the state is ahead of the curve in mitigating road damage from trucks hauling shale materials.

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