W.Va. Budget Crisis Anything but Boring

Bluefield Daily Telegraph - Concord University students were asked Monday if they had ever been in a flood, used a public library, visited a state park, visited a hospital, called law enforcement or a fire department, or traveled West Virginia's roads. When most of these and other questions were answered in the affirmative, the state's budget crisis was anything but a dry topic. Read

West Virginia's ongoing budget crisis was the topic of a social science seminar on the Concord University campus. Rick Wilson of the American Friends Social Service Committee asked the attendees to answer questions about the state services they used routinely. The state budget touches on many of the services West Virginians use every day.

"The state budget can be boring, but breathing can be boring until somebody starts choking you," Wilson said. "Then it becomes fascinating."

Executive Director Ted Boettner of the nonprofit West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy described the ongoing state budget crisis and the decisions the state's leaders and citizens may have to make in order to resolve it.

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