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West Virginia Finally has a Budget

After failing to come to an agreement on a plan to either completely overhaul the state’s tax system, or simply raise some revenue to close the upcoming budget gap, the legislature passed a “bare bones” budget over the weekend, ending the extended special session just two weeks before a possible government shutdown.

The FY 2018 budget totals $4.653 billion, including $4.225 billion from General Revenue. That is $280.3 million less than what was proposed by the governor at the beginning of the regular session, and $124.6 million less than the governor’s special session proposal.

Cuts were made throughout the budget to bring it into balance. Some of the major cuts, compared to the governor’s original proposal, include:

  • Eliminating the Save Our State Fund
  • $5.3 million cut from the Department of Education, including $1 million cut from 21st Century Assessment and Professional Development and eliminating Innovation in Education and Technology Systems Specialist funding  – $4.5 million.
  • Canceling the teacher’s pay raise – $19.4 million.
  • Smoothing teacher’s retirement system unfunded liability payments – $44.7 million.
  • $4.5 million cut from the Division of Health, including eliminating funding for the Tobacco Education Program – $3 million.
  • $5 million cut from the Consolidated Medical Service Fund.
  • $84.2 million reduction from General Revenue funding for Medicaid.
  • $3.8 million cut from the Division of Corrections.
  • $1.5 million cut from the State Police.
  • $2.8 million cut from Community and Technical Colleges.
  • $6.2 million cut from Higher Education, which comes on top of the $10 million cut in the original FY 2018 budget proposal.
  • Funding for the Educational Broadcasting Authority, which was eliminated in the governor’s original proposal, was restored, but cut by $1 million from FY 2017.

The table below lists all of the cuts made to the budget compared to the governor’s original proposal.

30 Responses to “West Virginia Finally has a Budget”

  1. Deborah says:

    I would be ashamed to tell people I was a member of the legislature that passed such a budget. This is not acceptable at all!

  2. Kimberly Bonnett says:

    I hope that the folks who wanted change in WV are happy because this is change and it’s NOT good! I’m an educator and I am just angry! I can’t believe all of the cuts to education! The new budget should be telling to everyone that the state legislature is out to hurt teachers! WE are underpaid and cannot retain nor hire qualified teachers the way it is! We are lacking over 700 qualified teachers in our schools and now the legislature is making CUTS to education! If your child has a substitute teacher who has no education training (Some have a 6 hr class and 20 hrs observation – or something like that, do you really think they are going to get the best education?
    And, haven’t we always wanted better for our kids than what we had? I know that when I wanted to go to college there were ways to get funding to attend- for anyone who qualified- including the economically disadvantaged! The cuts to higher ed are ridiculous! This just shows a greater lack of valuing education by the legislature!

    • Kathy says:

      If they’d cut the salaries of the members of the boards of education and state administrators; as well as cut out the waste there would be enough for teacher raises. Fat cats getting fatter, been that way for years!

      • Walt says:

        When the head of the board makes more than the governor and layoff teachers then hire a spokesperson for 70,000 start out pay and 3000 dollar yearly raises we might want to drain the swamp,

    • Renea says:

      All state employees are under paid for the work that they do but our state is in serious need of more revenue

      • Bill Hill says:

        I was an employee of the state for 33 years. That being said, it isn’t more revenue that is needed, it is a complete draining to the swamp. so to speak. I watched as middle and upper level management’s salaries increased, even in the so called lean years. Very seldom did funding come down to the rank and file employee however. The same is true in education. Just recently I heard a comment that the County superintendent was the most important person in education in the county. While I am not taking away from the fact they have great responsibility, they are not the most important person in the education system, the classroom teacher is. However, such is government and how it works. Government is top heavy and they definitely tend to look after themselves.

  3. Jeff Bridges says:

    Your all IDIOTS

  4. Kendall says:

    I agree with the “No pay raises for teachers” but why aren’t we shrinking our state government? We have way too many Gov. employees and I’m sure the state owns tons of property, not being used, sell it off!

  5. LOU GREINER says:


  6. Dan Brammer says:

    We will be moving to South Carolina

  7. Randy Ritchie says:

    It’s a sad day when they cut teachers raise! Let’s just help make everyone not smart. Sad sad sad. Maybe the legislation should take a bigger pay cut. You are there for the people. By the people! It is public service! I believe as long as there is a deficit. There should be no one eligible for reelection!

  8. Judith Peascoe says:

    The legislature doesn’t understand that a pool of well educated people is necessary to attract businesses to the state. The cuts in education are absolutely horrifying as is stripping the state of financial reserves. And this will make the rich just a little richer but really harm the poor and those whose incomes are below several times the median income.

  9. Scot S says:

    6.2 million cut from higher education, 1.5 milion cut from state police

    5.3 million cut from dept of education, 3.8 from corrections

    those 4 numbers say it all

    Keep them dumb and subservient…

  10. Betsy Scott says:

    WV legislature marching with orders from ALEC. This budget shows backward thinking, regressive tactics and puts WV’ians at risk. But, thankful that those who could afford a bit of a tax increase won’t have to worry. When our state falls apart, they can all move to Florida or Colorado.

  11. Kelly Merritt says:

    Not passing the amount of funding the governor asked for is not a “cut” to the budget.

    Compare the new budget (2018) with the existing state budget (2017) to get an accurate report on where the budget is cut, if at all.

  12. David Begler says:

    What happens to coal miners in this state, i.e. cuts to payroll, is now happening to all. Join the fun. Lots of us have been living cut for a while now. Be mad. Be very mad. The feds and left were after our jobs. They got them. No matter what your occupation is. Lobbyists for wrong industry should be ashamed of themselves. Meanwhile a small hike in the taxes on even one certain industry (pharma) would have changed those minus signs to plus. There are entities far worse than coal mines that need salary-capped and taxed into the stone age.

  13. Rebecca werst says:

    What happened is we let our government have complete control…upper officials are trusted with large amount of american tax dollars…they used education as a way too steal from the public….they just raise taxes promuse better education…but year after year teachers are still not getting paid well…why? Because the mayor needs an assistant…and oh that assistant needs one…etc…. point blank us the people let them control the budget and it got worse…in the end we didnt do enough to prevent the government from building to big…. now they control us…people are just too blind to see.

    • Clark says:

      Bad analogy. A city government is not connected to the state budget. A Mayor’s assiantant or lack thereof would have no impact on education or otherwise. But I do agree with the point that government is too large and we have more positions and higher pay scales for what is needed in our state. We are all hurting and the answer is not in raising taxes on those who still live and work in the state. It will just continue to push more people and businesses out of the state causing more shortfalls. Even sinking more money in education just to send them out of state to find work does nothing long term.

  14. Jo says:

    Why is it always education that gets cut? Our state is behind as it is now and there are no good math teachers. All the good teachers go to Virginia to teach because West Virginia doesn’t pay well. Our state doesn’t even care about the kids.

  15. Rosalie says:

    Not fair!

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