West Virginia Moves Toward Becoming The Next State With Voter ID

Think Progress - A controversial bill that would require West Virginians to show valid photo identification at the polls is making its way through the state's Republican-led Legislature, and opponents say it's likely to advance within the next few months. Read

On Thursday, the West Virginia House's judiciary committee passed HB4013, which would require voters to show one of several types of photo ID cards before voting. The bill passed along party lines, with the committee's 15 Republicans voting for it and the 8 Democrats voting against.

In the scheme of other voter ID laws, West Virginia's proposal is not particularly strict. For example, while some states' laws don't allow people to vote at all without proper identification, West Virginia's would allow people to vote on provisional ballots if they forget or don't have ID. They could also have a poll worker or friend sign an affidavit for them, vouching that they are who they say they are.

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