WV Lawmakers Prepare for North Dakota Trip to Study the Future Fund

The State Journal - Senate President Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall, announced even more support for a future fund in West Virginia. Read

Representatives from the business, labor and industry communities in West Virginia will accompany lawmakers this week on their trip to North Dakota to learn more about its legacy fund.

A bi-partisan group of 17 lawmakers will leave Aug. 21 after their monthly interim committee meetings in Charleston.

The non-legislative members accompanying lawmakers on the trip will be: Kenny Perdue, from the WV AFL-CIO; Steve Scholotterbeck, Joe Dawley and Greg Hoyer, of EQT Production; Bob Orndorff, of Dominion Energy; Corky DeMarco, of the WV Oil & Natural Gas Association; Ted Boettner, of the WV Center on Budget and Policy; and Rick Wilson, from the WV Economic Justice Project.

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