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The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy strives to serve as a resource for members of the media. We frequently issue press releases and statements summarizing our analysis of tax and budget policies. To schedule an interview with one of our analysts or for questions regarding one of our reports, contact Caitlin Cook, Communications Director at (304) 720-8682 or email Caitlin.

Different Energy Boom, Same Mistakes?

Governing - Economists sometimes write about a “resource curse.” A country or region blessed with rich natural deposits can end up in serious economic trouble. The dominance of a few extractive companies and politically powerful players discourages other investment. In this sense, few places have been as cursed as West Virginia....

State Revenue Official: WV Needs to Tweak Laws Before Collecting Internet Sales Tax

State Journal - Unless West Virginia tweaks its laws, it won’t be able to easily collect sales taxes from online retailers who are selling goods and services online, but don’t have a physical location in the state. Read. 

Thinly Sliced: “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” List Sidelines Women, Wedding Feasts get Fancy, and More

The New Food Economy - “The camera eats first.” Gone are the days of traditional wedding meals—meat, starch, and vegetable—served on boring white plates. The latest trend in nuptial nosh is all about extravagant, “image-forward” food, Karen Stabiner writes for The New York Times. Read. 

State Groups Oppose House's Draft of Federal Farm Bill

Charleston Gazette-Mail - When Angela Spencer goes grocery shopping, she buys the same things as any other family — milk, bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables. She is one of nearly 350,000 West Virginians, though, who uses the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to buy these products. Read. 

In West Virginia, SNAP Benefits Out of Reach For Drug Felons

West Virginia Public Broadcasting - Inside the spotless industrial kitchen at Recovery Point, a long-term drug treatment facility in Charleston, Tracy Jividen helps to cook three meals a day for the nearly 100 women she calls her sisters. This space is her domain, and the irony isn’t lost on her: Last...

Chamber Study Draws Out Split Conclusions on Education and Spending

State Journal - In the wake of the 2018 teachers strike that led to the approval of a 5 percent pay increase, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce issued an analysis of spending on education and teacher compensation that has drawn mixed conclusions. Read. 

Tuition Continues to Increase Across WV Colleges Despite Budget Increases

State Journal - For the past several years, college officials have blamed the rising cost of tuition largely on severe budget cuts from state lawmakers. Read. 

It's Time to Raise Severance Taxes on WV Gas Industry

Charleston Gazette-Mail - West Virginia was once rich. Her natural resources, including timber, high-quality coal, salt and natural gas, made a lot of people a lot of money for a long time. Had that bounty been well managed, we would be in a far better financial position now. Read. 

United States Spends Trillions to Fight Poverty

Charleston Daily Mail - A United Nations expert who visited West Virginia last year has released a report criticizing the United States for what he called “cruel policies” driven by a “contempt ... for the poor,” the Gazette-Mail’s Lori Kersey reported Wednesday. Read. 

Mapping the Movement to Dismantle Public Education

Jacobin - The ongoing wave of teacher strikes across the US is changing the conversation about public educationin this country. From West Virginia to Arizona, Kentucky to Oklahoma, Colorado to North Carolina, tens of thousands of teachers have taken to the streets and filled state capitals, garnering public support and...

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