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Budget Beat – November 22, 2013

Marcellus Job Numbers Are Overestimated According to New Report

A new five-state collaborative was announced this week that will study the local impacts of gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica formations. The group, of which the WVCBP is a member, released its first report and launched its website this week. Exaggerating the Employment Impacts of Shale Drilling: How and Why reports that the gas industry claimed inflated job growth in communities where drilling is occurring. For more, here’s Charleston Gazette coverage of the report. Look for more research from the Collaborative early next year.

Senator Manchin Votes No

This week Senator Joe Manchin voted against the appointment of Janet Yellen to be chairwomen of the Federal Reserve. Back in September the Institute for Women’s Policy Research – a strong ally of the WVCBP – sent a letter signed by 505 economists in 48 states (including West Virginia) in support of Yellen because of her desire to play an active role in creating jobs instead of just placating narrow banking interests. Fortunately, Yellen received enough votes in the Banking Committee and it appears she will be the next chair of the Federal Reserve. This is good news for working families in West Virginia.

Obamacare to Help Many in West Virginia, Especially Minority Populations

This week Brandon refuted a Charleston Daily Mail editorial slamming Obamacare. Read his blog post which dismantles the opinion piece point-by-point.

Thanks to Obamacare, many uninsured West Virginians will have access to affordable health care, especially racial and ethnic minorities. In fact, nearly all of West Virginia’s uninsured minority population is likely to qualify for assistance. Read much more in this report.

minority health figure 1

More Calls to Reform the Fiscal Note Process

In reaction to our paper on fiscal notes, two more West Virginia newspapers, the Martinsburg Journal and the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, support the creation of an independent legislative fiscal office to provide an unbiased look at the state’s fiscal note process.

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  1. Jonathan Gwinn says:

    It appears to me the only silver lining to Obamacare is medicaid expansion… Otherwise a huge blow to the working class which does not qualify for medicaid. The “bronze plan” is affordable yet offers no meaningful coverage due to high out of pocket expenses. The platinum may offer coverage yet is not affordable. As a die hard Progressive I can’t buy into the Affordable Healthcare act. The single payer option is the only solution. Of course it will take several years to see what the actual outcomes will be..But when you have private insurers/financial institutions dictating the overall tone of healthcare delivery it will mean profits over people.

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